The New Dreaming

Messages from Our Elders and Knowledge Keepers Around the World


Sankale Ole Ntutu

Meet Sankale, a Maasai community chief of Maji Moto


Wiruungga Dunggiirr

Visit Wiruungga, a whale person from the Ngambaa Gumbaynggirr Nation, in Nambucca Heads, NSW


Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Join Angaangaq, an Inuit elder from Kalaallit Nunaat

Visiting Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders

High up in the remote mountain ranges of the Eastern Taiga, tucked alongside the border of Russian Siberia, in the northernmost part of Mongolia, live the nomadic Dukha People. Better known as the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders, this unique community has survived for thousands of years by migrating throughout this isolated region. Their lives revolve around their reindeer and the traditions that come with caring…

Deep in the Forest of the Himalayas

When we think of nature reserves we often imagine areas protected from human influence and development. We consider humanity as an invasive species that only knows how to destroy its own ecosystem, yet there are communities worldwide who are integral elements of their environment, living in balance with nature. The Van Gujjars, who live in what are now recognized as national park reserves in…

Returning to Nature with the Maasai

Many of us today are so distracted by the chaotic momentum of city life, caught in the traps of technological devices, mindless consumerism, striving for social acceptance and amassing personal wealth, that our intrinsic connection to nature has sadly been all but forgotten. Some struggle day to day just to keep their head above water, treading through the incessant flow of financial, educational and…

Inuit Elder, Elisabeth Petrussen Rosing, shares her song to bring peace to Mother Earth

“A common characteristic of the Sámi people is that we see ourselves as being a part of nature. We live in nature, with nature, and are of nature. There is nothing that separates us from the trees, the animals, or the water.”

– Lone Beate Ebeltoft (Sápmi-Norway)