book release

Welcome to our book launch! We are so grateful to be celebrating this joyful moment with you.

The New Dreaming is an educational storybook for children that has been carefully crafted with love. It celebrates the beauty of diversity while teaching children to care for the Earth holistically and from their heart. Through the guidance of Elders and Knowledge Keepers from all over the world, kids will find the tools needed to face today’s many challenges with courage, compassion, and a calm awareness. They will learn little rituals that they can do themselves to stay connected with nature, and they will come to know the importance of loving and respecting themselves as well as others.

The captivating stories shared by the Elders and Knowledge Keepers are brought to life through the colourful paintings of Colombian mural artist, Carlos Trilleras Sanchez.

In The New Dreaming, Fifteen Elders and Knowledge Keepers from around the world share their relationship with nature, ancestral teachings and traditions, language, and a personal message to all children of the Earth. Through these diverse voices and worldviews, readers will experience a beautiful variety of geographical places, cultures, and communities while discovering the universal connections that unite us all.

With vibrant illustrations and powerful storytelling, this book motivates children to recognize their vital role in creating a new path for humanity that will bring balance back to the natural world. As the new guardians of Mother Earth, young readers are encouraged to honour their roots, identify with their true selves, and understand and respect their place within nature.

A thought-provoking read that explores key issues like our environmental crisis, reconciliation, and Indigenous land rights on both a national and global scale, The New Dreaming: Messages from Our Elders and Knowledge Keepers Around the World will inspire important conversations in the classroom and at home.

Order your copy today at one of the links below:

Paperback Copy


Amazon Kindle Edition

Each copy of The New Dreaming that is sold will help us to reach more children. We wish to translate the book into many different languages and create a fun lesson plan with engaging videos of the Elders and Knowledge Keepers that can accompany the book in the classroom so that children everywhere can experience The New Dreaming on a deeper and more personal level.

Every school should be nurturing an appreciation and respect for the rich abundance of multicultural perspectives and knowledge throughout the world. Together we can help make this happen.

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