When you make a pledge, you can receive rewards or donate books to children.

WE WILL BE LIVE FROM April 27 – May 27, 2021

We are raising funds to help publish a beautiful print edition of The New Dreaming. We began with a trial version of the book that was printed by Amazon KDP (Print on Demand). The reviews have been fantastic, so our goal now is to raise enough funds to publish 1500 paperback copies to be distributed to schools, libraries, and bookstores. The book will be 8″x 10″, with a matte finish soft cover, 3″ flaps front and back, a thicker, heavier paper and a beautiful print quality. 


This past year has left many of us feeling more isolated than ever. Though we are “all in this together” we seem to be losing touch with each other and with our natural surroundings.

It is vital for our children’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being that we help them to stay connected with the natural world, and that we value and nurture our relationship with our global community. We are all connected and here to support one another.

The New Dreaming celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity, while teaching children how to care for the planet from their heart. When we learn about each other we will discover so much about ourselves!

Help us to share the beautiful and vital messages to children from Elders and Leaderships such as: Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Sônia Bone Guajajara, Wiruungga Dunggiirr, and many more!

By working together, young and old, we will find a way to set ourselves and the beauty of nature free, while creating a new story together; a story that will be known as “The New Dreaming.”

Join our campaign today and you can receive rewards such as: copies of The New Dreaming and art prints by Carlos Trilleras Sanchez.

Remember to Share the Love support our initiative by sharing this message with your friends and family!

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