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In The New Dreaming, fifteen Elders and Knowledge Keepers share their relationship with nature, ancestral teachings and traditions, language, and a personal message to all children of the Earth. Through these diverse voices and worldviews, readers will experience a beautiful variety of geographical places, cultures, and communities while discovering the universal connections that unite us all.

With vibrant illustrations and powerful storytelling, this book motivates children to recognize their vital role in creating a new path for humanity that will bring balance back to the natural world. As the new guardians of Mother Earth, young readers are encouraged to honour their roots, identify with their true selves, and understand and respect their place within nature.

A thought-provoking read that explores key issues like our environmental crisis, reconciliation, and Indigenous land rights on both a national and global scale, The New Dreaming: Messages from Our Elders and Knowledge Keepers Around the World will inspire important conversations in the classroom and at home. 

the Author – Sarah Foster

Sarah grew up in Canada, where a yearning to see and experience the rest of the world began to stir deep within her at a very young age.

She set sail with an open heart and a free spirit, which eventually led her to Costa Rica. It was there that Sarah founded Nosara Animal Care, a non-profit association that provides veterinary care for animals in need, a rescue and adoption initiative, and an education program in the local schools that teaches empathy and compassion towards all living beings.

Over the years, her passion for wildlife and environmental conservation blossomed, inspiring her to continue her travels to remote, enchanting lands where she would learn about natural healing and the respectful, symbiotic relationship with the Earth, water, plants and animals that Indigenous peoples have.

Sarah enjoys assisting with projects that create awareness and unite people around the world in protecting the well-being of the planet and all its beautiful creatures. Her dream is that this book will encourage children everywhere to do just that.

Creative Collaboration – Adriana Salazar Vega

Adriana spent her childhood in the Andean Mountains of Colombia. Later in life, after a year of working in the well-known “Heart of the World” – La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Adriana undertook a trip to India, where she managed to further incorporate the practice of yoga into her spiritual path. Since then, this path has been nurturing and expanding as she goes deeper into ancestral practices, medicinal plants, and agroecology, and engages in various rituals for honouring the web of life.

Currently, different experiences have led her to collaborate on co-projects, all aimed at preserving life and strengthening the social fabric of places like La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Boyacá, and Putumayo. Some of these experiences include working on this book, participating in a movement for the regeneration of rivers in India, organizing Indigenous Elder gatherings in India and Colombia, and taking part in holistic education programs for vulnerable children and youth in Colombia. 

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Portraits and Cover Art – Carlos Trilleras Sanchez

Carlos was born in the department of Tolima, municipality of Natagaima, Colombia. When he was very little he moved to El Convenio, in the municipality of Líbano, Tolima. When the tragedy of Armero occurred, he was taken to Lérida, Tolima, where he carried out his primary and secondary studies. It was there that he began to develop a passion for expressing himself through painting. 

Carlos eventually moved to Ibagué, where he gained some recognition by doing the local market’s advertising and he further strengthened his passion for art. Through his artwork, he began exploring, from the inside out, who we are and what our roots are, our customs, and our Elders.

Today, Carlos lives in Bogota, Colombia, where he has been creating his art for more than twenty years, sharing his painting with various communities of Colombia and South America.

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“The mantra of compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum, is inseparable from any Tibetan. Compassion is the most important value that we teach our children.”

– Siling Tongkhor Rinpoche XIV(Tibet)

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