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The New Dreaming is an educational storybook for children that has been carefully crafted with love. it celebrates the beauty of diversity while teaching children to care for the earth holistically and from their heart.

when you purchase the new dreaming for yourself and your loved ones
you are Helping us to reach more children.

This is a project that dreams to grow and evolve. We look forward to translating the book into several different languages, and printing hard copies for schools and libraries, so that children everywhere can enjoy it. We want to make sure that it reaches the communities featured in the book, as well as many others around the world. For the well-being of our children and their future, we must nurture within them an appreciation and respect for the rich abundance of multicultural perspectives and knowledge of the world and for the ancient wisdom teachings of Mother Earth.

Together we can make this happen!

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Our children learn respect for their Elders, as well as respect for diversity. We share our region with people from many different cultures who have diverse knowledge, traditions, beliefs, and languages, but we know how important it is to respect each other in order to live in harmony.”

Sônia Bone Guajajara (Maranhão, Brazil)

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