The Kickstarter Campaign


The new dreaming and receive a copy of the book!

We are raising funds to publish a beautiful print edition of The New Dreaming. We began with a trial version of the book that was printed by Amazon KDP (Print on Demand). The reviews have been fantastic, so our goal now is to raise enough funds to publish 1500 paperback copies of a much better quality book to be distributed to schools, libraries, and bookstores. The book will be 8″x 10″, with a matte finish soft cover, 3″ flaps front and back, a thicker, heavier paper and a beautiful print quality. 

Together we can make this happen!

inside the book

with your support, we can make sure that the messages reach more children

“My daughter and I have been enjoying this book very much. It is beautifully written with so many lessons and positive messages. It help us feel grateful and connected to nature. It gives us the knowledge of how to be present and enjoy the gift of life in all of its forms. I know we will continue enjoying it for many years because it’s a book that will teach you something new every time you read it.” – Viviana Alvarado, loving mom and teacher in CA, USA

Advance Praise

“I love reading these stories from around the world. You can feel the love and hear their hearts. The similarities of teachings make me know for sure that we are more similar than different as a humanity in our love for the Earth to sustain all life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful medicine.”– Terry Swan, Keeper of the Stars Woman, Fish Clan, and member of Cold Lake First Nations, Alberta, Canada

“This book is incredibly enlightening! Sarah Foster takes us around the world into a wealth of Indigenous knowledge through the teachings of beautiful Wisdom Carriers. This medicine is beautifully illustrated by renowned artist, Carlos Trilleras Sanchez. A must-read for children and adults everywhere.”– Bomgiizhik Isaac Murdoch, from Serpent River First Nation, Fish Clan

Reviews from Amazon

Our children learn respect for their Elders, as well as respect for diversity. We share our region with people from many different cultures who have diverse knowledge, traditions, beliefs, and languages, but we know how important it is to respect each other in order to live in harmony.”

Sônia Bone Guajajara (Maranhão, Brazil)

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