friends of the new dreaming

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” – a Burkina Faso proverb

By working alone, we could only go so far with this project and our goal is to reach as many children as possible. Therefore, we are extremely grateful for our NGO and corporate sponsors who have been helping to make The New Dreaming a success by promoting our initiative and supporting our Kickstarter campaign.

Please be sure to visit their websites and social media to learn about the amazing work that they do.

Sinchi Foundation‘s mission is to highlight the important role indigenous people play in protecting the environment and to encourage both general public and those in a position of power to be allies.

Promote the universal indigenous values of community, cooperation, relationship to nature and ceremony (music, art, dance) as important tools for connection.

Tackle mis-representation and stereotypical documentation of indigenous peoples. Ensuring contemporary indigenous cultures can share their stories in their own voices.

Visit the Sinchi Foundation at:

NATV is broadcasting indigenous voices and perspectives to a global audience in order to create ally ship and offer support to indigenous communities, activists and creators. Together we can start to decolonize our minds, lives and lands. Come (un)learn.

Launched on Instagram in December 2020, the channel functions as a magazine; each month being a new edition, with a different theme. Within each edition, we host two takeovers or guest editorships featuring indigenous artists, musicians, cultural practitioners, activists, spokespersons, storytellers and creators.

Visit NATV at:

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